Business Owners, CEOs, Financial Officers and Other Professionals Holding Own Occupation Long Term Disability Insurance in California

 Business owners, manager, and executives that find themselves unable to work are often faced with an exceptional burden of proving their disability.  Unlike other professions, managerial positions require performance of a wide-range of duties as well as the responsibility to manage staff, interact … [Read more...]

What? I’m being sued by my insurance company?

The broad question is what are the things you have to watch out for when you’re filing a claim and what should you do?  Do insurance companies conduct surveillance?  Yes.  Do they run around with cameras trying to see if you can carry groceries from the grocery store to … [Read more...]

Does ERISA help you or hurt you?

As a result of ERISA, if you obtain your insurance at the workplace you don’t have as many remedies as you otherwise would have. All of your rights are eliminated under state law, because federal law takes over, and federal law under ERISA doesn’t exist.  There are no protections under federal law. … [Read more...]

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