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Getting the Long Term Disability Benefits You are Owed

CIGNA has once again been reviewed for bad faith, unfair claim denial practices. In May 2013, CIGNA Health and Life Insurance Company and its subsidies, Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and Life Insurance Company of North America came under investigation by Insurance Commissioner of 5 key states. CIGNA was ordered to pay millions of dollars in fines and fees, and to reopen cases for long term disability claims denied between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2010. CIGNA has set aside $77Million for projected payments to policyholders for these “reevaluations”.

The bottom line to this action is not that another major corporation was found guilty of defrauding customers in order to increase profitability, but that yet another insurer has been found guilty of long term disability insurance bad faith or poor review practices (link to I to I), and that these settlements do not change the way some insurance companies deal with their claimants. This settlement is similar to past “settlements” with other insurers which resulted in large fines, and, after reassessment, large numbers of claimants receiving payments which were still far below that which they were owed.

Our practice is based solely on protection of long term disability insurance claimants in cases where long term disability benefits are deserved and insurance company oversights, intentional actions or interpretation of confusing language has allowed the claimant to be hung out to dry.

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If you are a CIGNA claimant who was denied long term disability benefits after receiving a long term disability diagnosis, we are long-term disability lawyers.

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