long term disability lawyer California
Bourhis Law Group is a highly-specialized Long Term Disability law firm focusing on bad faith insurance claim denials and underpayment with a well-deserved reputation for excellence, integrity and credibility. With the most successful track record of any law firm in our Area of Practice, and a unique style of personalized attention to our clients, we have obtained more landmark verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients than any other firm in the Nation.

Offering exclusive representation to insurance policyholders throughout the United States. The hallmarks of our success have been zealous advocacy, professionalism, sympathy for our clients, and results. At BLG, we believe truth and fairness always prevail. With that mindset, we have won record-breaking, multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.

By Law, insurance companies are not allowed to put their financial interests above yours. We are here to make sure they don't.

Unique in the Law Industry

Our work with bad faith insurance claim denials, state insurance regulators and claimants has been the topic of articles and media coverage throughout the country, including 60 Minutes, Dateline, and dozens of major media outlets.  Our experience and successful track record has earned a reputation with insurance policyholders and credibility with every disability insurer in the business. We are highly-selective in the cases we accept, which is why we specialize in the Area of Practice we know best: Long Term Disability. We are able to obtain large, prompt, superior settlements for our clients, insured professionals and business owners, and assist with every phase of the claim process.