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Insurance Consumers Foundation

Giving Back

In an effort to level an extremely uneven playing field, Bourhis Law Group has launched the largest policyholder empowerment website on the internet. The site,, covers all major lines of insurance and provides “plain-English” tutorials on just about every issue that could arise in claims handling.

The site is directed to the public at large and to the majority of claimants whose claims are not in litigation. Our aim is to force big changes on this very large and often arrogant industry. We believe this website is a potential game changer for the victims of bad faith insurance practices regardless of the size of their claims.

Because the majority of claimants either have policies that strip them of their rights or have suffered losses that are insufficient to justify the involvement of an hourly or contingency fee insurance specialist, most of them are unable to stand up to even the most outrageous insurance practices.

“The way the system works,” explains BLG attorney, Matthew Bourhis, “is that unless a claimant is represented by an experienced insurance claims lawyer their insurance company can just eat them for lunch. Either denying their claims completely or settling them for pennies on the dollar. Most insureds simply don’t have the knowledge or experience needed to stand up for themselves. Between an inexperienced claimant and their insurance company, it is not a close contest.”

This reality explains the stories we hear about the victims of hurricanes, floods, medical condition denials, disability insurance denials, and others.

We believe that is about to change. And is what is going to change it.