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Disabling Medical Conditions

A wide range of Medical Conditions often causing Long Term Disability, including illness, accident, injury and chronic conditions. Bourhis Law Group, PC can assist disability insurance claimants who own private / own occupation insurance policies suffering from these, and many other, potentially disabling medical conditions in obtaining benefits owed under their policies.

If you have been diagnosed, or suspect, an illness, injury or medical condition that is causing the inability to perform your “usual and customary duties,” contact us for assistance with your claim. We specialize in providing assistance to professionals owning a private (not Social Security disability claims) insurance policy. If you are uncertain of the status of a policy obtained at work, please contact us for information.

Seeking a Long Term Disability Diagnosis

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

For Doctors: Completing the Long Term Disability Insurance Form

What are Some of the More Common Disabling Medical Conditions?

Follow the links below to review common conditions contributing to Long Term Disability. It is important your treating physicians pay careful attention to the wording, restrictions and conditions of your insurance policy when filling out your long term disability diagnosis. , and all contributing conditions are included in your documentation. Failing to complete the disability insurance claim form completely can result in denial, delay or underpayment of long term disability insurance benefits.