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What is the worst football injury you ever saw? Rashad Johnson, free safety for the Arizona Cardinals, severed his finger in a 2013 game against the Minnesota Vikings. Then, of course, there are concussions, torn ACLs, fractured vertebrae, the list goes on.

For professional athletes, sports injuries are more than a health scare. Your livelihood is at stake. Not only could you be out of work while you recover, but you also might never return. Career-ending injuries are a serious problem for professional athletes. Of all professions, this is one where disability insurance provides immense protection. Of course, it is also one where disability insurance denials have dramatic consequences.

Our job here at BLG is to ensure that you have the most capable, skilled and compassionate group of people supporting you.

People come to BLG from a variety of places. Some in need of a zealous advocate to fight an insurance denial, while others simply need an expert to file their claim. No matter where you come from, you have a story – and we want to hear it.

Insurance is your safety net. Ironically, it makes people extremely insecure. Filing a claim is daunting, complex and bureaucratic. Insurance often creates problems when you need it most. Insurance companies have ruined peoples lives when they are injured, sick, under financial hardship, having problems in their marriage. We take immense pride in turning peoples lives around. It fuels our passion for justice and our mission to enforce the laws that make our society fair for everyone.