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Spinal and back injuries are among the most common areas of disputes between policyholder and insurer and, due to the complex nature of both treatment and diagnosis, also a major area for bad faith claims handling. The truth is, the more difficult the diagnosis, the more loopholes are available to the insurer. The back presents some of the most unique challenges for doctors and therapists alike, so both the margin for error and the chance of discrepancy are great.

In some cases unfair claim denial is intentional, and in others the decision may be a matter of inaccurate determinations, lack of information, incorrect assessments by so-called “independent” medical examinations (IMEs), claim form or documentation errors, or variations in medical or policy language. Insurance company employees are paid to err on the side of the insurer—especially in cases where treatment may be a lifelong necessity, because denials of these types of claims brings huge profits for the company. Many disabled consumers simply do not have the energy to appeal and fight the decisions.

At Bourhis Law Group, PC, we specialize in helping disabled consumers overcome these obstacles. We have the energy to fight for your rights, and we back it up with decades of expertise. We understand your hardships, and we will assist you through every step of the process.

Over the past 30 years we have assisted 1,000s of consumers obtain benefits and awards for disabling damage to the spine, back and neck area.