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Long Term Disability ClaimsLTD Policy Information

Recovering Long Term Disability Benefits, Costs, and Damages

If your disability insurance claim has been unfairly denied, your insurance carrier may be responsible for paying not only your long term disability insurance benefits, but also for compensating you for your additional losses such as attorneys’ fees, out-of-pocket costs, emotional distress damages, general damages and, in especially egregious situations, punitive damages. You may be entitled to additional compensation!

Because we specialize in Long-Term Disability Insurance matters, we are able to bring your claim through the process faster, and with better results, than law firms handling other types of cases. We know the insurance companies, and they know us, which means they listen when we speak on behalf of our clients, and they know we mean business. We don’t undersettle just to push your case through, and we don’t take shortcuts. Whether you are preparing to file your claim, or have already received a denial letter, contact us today!

(We handle cases that have not been resolved by other means.)