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California Long Term Disability

Help for Disabled Doctors, Dentists and Healthcare Professionals

Medical practitioners in the State of California are deemed totally disabled under the Any Occupation standard if he or she cannot perform the material duties of any occupation consistent with his education, training and/or experience.  This means if you are a dentist and are able to perform routine examinations, but unable to perform more complicated procedures which you have been performing on a regular basis in the past, you qualify for Total Disability benefits.

Any Occupation is defined as “any other occupation in which the claimant might reasonably be expected to engage in view of his station and physical and mental capacity.” According to California law, this determination must be based on a common sense interpretation of the insured’s customary duties and whether the insured has the ability to perform them at the present time.  If an insurance company identifies an occupation that the claimant is capable of performing, the compensation must be similar to that of the insured’s pre-disability income.

Bourhis Law Group, PC has assisted disabled doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals obtain the benefits they are owed for more than 35 years.  Review our Case Studies to see how we have helped medical professionals throughout the San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Thousand Oaks, Orange County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, San Francisco, and Northern California areas.

Please contact us at any time during the disability insurance claim process for assistance filing your claim, responding to insurance company investigations, or appealing a denied disability insurance claim.