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Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain that causes repeated seizures over a period of time and is the result of permanent brain damage which causes over-excitability of the brain, resulting in unpredictable seizures.

Epilepsy not due to birth defects may be caused by dementia, stroke, traumatic brain injury, infections, AIDS, brain tumors, brain blood vessel  disorders, or use of particular medications. Diagnosis is accomplished by EEG, blood chemistry, blood sugar, liver and kidney function, spinal tap, infection testing, CT Sacn and MRI.

Treatment for epilepsy may include surgery or medication, removal of tumor and may, or may not, be permanent. Lifestyle changes may also help decrease symptoms, although the patient may continue to qualify for long-term disability benefits. It is important to file your claim properly to ensure maximum benefits are paid. In the event of a denial or underpayment, assistance from an experienced Long Term Disability insurance lawyer is essential.

Contact us for assistance with your epilepsy long-term disability insurance claim or appeal. Bourhis Law Group, PC specializes in Long Term Disability Insurance claim issues for professionals, the medical and healthcare community, and business owners who own private insurance policies.