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Whether you’re applying for Long Term Disability benefits or your claim has been denied, contact us.

We can help, nationwide.

The application process for long-term disability is unnecessarily complicated. And after you’ve successfully navigated through the process, unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly common for long-term disability insurance companies to wrongfully delay or deny payment on legitimate claims.

Bourhis Law Group, PC, nation’s leading long-term disability lawyers, is currently evaluating cases in which LTD claimants are being subjected to such practices in violation of ERISA and US Department of Labor regulations.

Below, please submit your contact information and a copy of your denial letter, if one or more of the following apply:

  • your insurer or its claims agent  does not list a specific reason or reasons for your claim’s delay or denial;
  • your insurer or its claims agent does not list a description of whatever additional material or information it needs in order to make its decision or approve payment of a claim;
  • your insurer or its claims agent does not  explain why additional material or information is necessary; or
  • your insurer or its claims agent has been investigating your claim for more than 105 days without rendering a claim decision.

If your case meets ANY one of these criteria, you may have legal recourse to recover the LTD benefits you are owed. A representative from Bourhis Law Group, PC will review your information promptly and will contact you to discuss your potential options. If you have any questions, please call (415) 944-3818.