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Medical Conditions

Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS)

Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS) both a common, and difficult, diagnosis that often results in disability insurance claim benefit problems.

Chronic Pain Syndrome is generally an ongoing condition diagnosed over 3-6 months, and often includes two or more co-existing diagnoses. Combined conditions may cause generalized pain, making diagnosis and qualification for benefits even more difficult.

Chronic Pain Syndrome is managed through a multidisciplinary approach.

With more than 50 million Americans suffering partial disability or total disability due to chronic pain, symptoms are broad, and often evasive to therapeutic treatment.

Atypical chronic pain syndrome is a dermatological condition with unidentifiable pathology causing burning, pain, or dysesthesias in the mucous membranes or the skin.

CPS can be devastating to a patient’s quality of life, causing depression, fatigue, drug and alcohol abuse, dependencies, and disabilities.

Chronic pain syndrome diagnosis may be as broad as “pain that extends beyond the expected period of healing” or as specific as an acute condition, making preparation of disability insurance claim documents especially demanding.

If you have been diagnosed with Chronic pain syndrome, and have been denied benefits based on your submission, contact our office for assistance before your next communication with your insurance company!