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California Long Term Disability

California System Administrators, Internet Technology and Data Analysts

Technology continues to evolve disability insurance claims for computer and data professionals.  From migraine headaches to carpal tunnel syndrome, a wide range of injuries qualify for Long Term Disability insurance benefits under private insurance policies.  Technology professionals who have Own Occupation insurance policies are often challenged by insurance companies about their ability to perform some, or all, of their material and substantial duties.  Claimants also may face investigative testing by doctors hired by the insurance company.  It is important to remember that these “experts” are hired by the insurer and are not necessarily working for your best interests.

Our firm has assisted software technicians and IT professionals in filing Long Term Disability insurance claims in California to obtain the benefits owed and to recover compensation for additional damages caused by unfair denial, delay, or underpayment by their insurer.

We assist technology professionals who have found it necessary to hire a Long Term Disability insurance lawyer to navigate through the claim process and avoid delays and under-settlement.