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California Long Term Disability

California Long Term Disability Lawyer

Are you a California Long Term Disability insurance claimant suffering from disabling conditions that affect the performance of your work duties?  Although California law prohibits insurers from underpaying or under-settling Long Term Disability insurance claims unfairly, many claimants are denied, underpaid, or determined “partially-disabled,” resulting in losses and damages beyond the policy benefits.

Bourhis Law Group, PC specializes in obtaining maximum benefits for professionals with own-occupation Long Term Disability insurance policies.  Our highly-specialized lawyers handle only Long Term Disability Insurance claims, and have obtained record judgments, settlements, and landmark verdicts on behalf of our clients.  We have handled thousands of bad faith insurance cases against all major insurance carriers, including:

  • Aetna,
  • Berkshire Guardian,
  • Cigna,
  • Guardian,
  • Hartford,
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Mass Mutual,
  • MassMutual,
  • MetLife,
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife),
  • North West Mutual,
  • Northwestern Mutual,
  • Paul Revere,
  • Principal,
  • The Standard,
  • The Standard Insurance Company,
  • UnumProvident.

Owners of own-occupation disability insurance policies often face underpayment due to an insurance company’s unfair determination they are “partially” or residually disability.  This type of insurance claim denial is based on the assumption that a claimant can perform some of his or her “material or substantial duties.” Our firm has argued successfully that Total Disability means you are unable to perform ANY of the substantial and material duties of your Own Occupation.  If you cannot perform any of your important work duties on a regular basis, you are entitled to Total Disability benefits.

In cases where an insurer denies an insurance claim unfairly, California law also permits you to recover punitive damages for stress, loss of income, loss of assets, and other losses related to the insurance company’s conduct.