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Your Right to Obtain a Copy of Your Policy

Often, at some point over the years, a policyholder misplaces, loses, or damages his copy of his insurance policy. Hypothetically, it should be easy to call up the insurer to request, and obtain, a new copy. However, insurance companies aren’t always very organized or happy to be cooperative for what probably appears, at least to them, as a low-priority request.

After the insurer’s initial failure to send the requested copy, it is important to try, try again. Remember, the insurer has a duty to provide you with a copy of your policy. In California, a statute found under the CA Insurance Regulation section titled “Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices in the Business of Insurance” provides that “Every insurer shall disclose to a first party claimant all benefits, coverage, time limits or other provisions of any insurance policy issued by that insurer that may apply to the claim presented by the claimant.” In other words, California law gives you, the policyholder, the legal right to a copy of your policy. Other states have statutes addressing this, as well.

See CA’s Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations, Section 2695.4(a)

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