What Forbes Missed on Coronavirus and People with Disabilities

There is a very good article that appeared in entitled  5 Things to know about coronavirus and people with disabilities. The 5 points of this article are, 1. That people with a disability may experience a higher level of anxiety due to the Coronavirus and that the anxiety poses risks of … [Read more...]

Why Long-Term Disability Insurers Say “No”

A long list of reasons to say no……. There is, sadly, a long list of all of the reasons why insurance companies deny or underpay a claim.  They don’t always simply say okay, we’re going to send you to an independent medical examination and our doctor is gonna conclude that he disagrees with your … [Read more...]

Beware of the “Partial” Long-Term Disability Claim

Disabilities and the people who suffer them come in all shapes and sizes. Typical occupations of people we represent would include surgeons, anesthesiologists, all of the medical sub specialties, micro surgeons, lawyers, chiropractors, CEOs of companies, financial planners, CPAs, really anyone who … [Read more...]

Partial Long-Term Disability Benefits: hard to define in California

For surgeons and other physicians, partial long-term disability benefits may seem like a good solution but the way the benefits are determined is flawed. Partial benefits are based on a formula and very soon after the claim is filed the formula starts to disintegrate and someone may wind up in a … [Read more...]

Premiums, Taxes and Fees…What you Need to Pay Now, and after LTD Payments begin; and What you Might Expect to Owe the IRS

Warning: Financial Planners Important Information for Financial Planners : Long Term Disability from Ray Bourhis onVimeo. Waiver of Premiums Premiums with LTD policies are usually fixed for the life of the policy. Once a claim is approved, a Waiver of Premium provision that exists in … [Read more...]

The Real Definition of And How Residual Disability Deprives Claimants of their Rightful Benefits

  While every Long-Term Disability (LTD) policy includes a definition of total disability, many states (including California, Arizona, and Florida) have their own legal definition of total disability. What happens when these two definitions conflict? The answer is that state law will … [Read more...]

California Long Term Disability Bad Faith Law – A Fair Deal for Policyholders

So what do you really think. Ray Bourhis? If an insurance company defrauds or cheats a policyholder out of the benefits the policyholder is owed, and if, as a result, the policyholder his or her home or their life savings, or is forced to hire a lawyer to obtain the benefits they are owed, the … [Read more...]

Psychiatric Disability Paper Review Finds Aetna Abused Discretion Kuntz v Aetna

In Kuntz v Aetna, 2013, the Federal Court found that for Aetna abused its discretion in having based its disability claim denial in a mental health impairment case on a paper review of the Claimant’s medical records. Other courts have referred to denials based on such paper reviews as being … [Read more...]

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