Athletes, Doctors, Engineers, Executives, and Financial Advisors before purchasing long-term disability insurance. READ THIS.

Doctors, dentists, investment advisers, athletes, entertainers, CPAs, company executives, business owners and all other high income earning individuals, make sure you know what you’re getting, and that you’re getting what you’re paying for.  Here are some important questions to ask: How … [Read more...]

Why First Responders Fire Fighters, ER Physicians and Nurses Should Read Their Long Term Disability Policies Carefully

First responders, such as firefighters, nurses, and doctors often have Long Term Disability Insurance included with a benefit package through their employer. Although people usually think this is a nice benefit, it most likely has significant limitations. If your disability insurance is part … [Read more...]

Thinking of Selling Your Practice?

We have found through our experience, often Doctors and Dentists with health issues, work through those issues until at some point they feel they can no longer work with the pain. They work through the pain to keep their practice strong and valuable in order to sell the practice. There are a few … [Read more...]

What Forbes Missed on Coronavirus and People with Disabilities

There is a very good article that appeared in entitled  5 Things to know about coronavirus and people with disabilities. The 5 points of this article are, 1. That people with a disability may experience a higher level of anxiety due to the Coronavirus and that the anxiety poses risks of … [Read more...]

Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Disability Insurance

Fears of the Corona Virus have sent global economies and stock markets into a tailspin. Many of those affected have responded by seeking medical testing and treatment. Others are avoiding the spread by “self-isolating.” A third category of individuals is being mandatorily quarantined. The ultimate … [Read more...]

Business Owners, CEOs, Financial Officers and Other Professionals Holding Own Occupation Long Term Disability Insurance in California

 Business owners, manager, and executives that find themselves unable to work are often faced with an exceptional burden of proving their disability.  Unlike other professions, managerial positions require performance of a wide-range of duties as well as the responsibility to manage staff, interact … [Read more...]

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